My love affair with The Replacements

It started at my tiny college radio station in Sewanee, Tennessee. WUTS 91.3, the 200-watt MUTHERRRR. My friend JJ and I had a radio show and one day I reached into the new music bin and pulled out a Replacements album - Pleased to Meet Me. I knew who they were: "Waitress in the Sky", "Kiss Me on the Bus", "I Will Dare" were in heavy rotation on college turntables, but I didn't know much about them. I randomly played a cut called "The Ledge" and instantly fell in love with the band and have been hooked ever since.

Next up, I'm dating the bass player in Mulberry Jane, a band from my hometown of Houston. They were big Replacement fans and gave me a thorough Mats education. When they went on tour we saw them in Houston, Austin, & Nashville. I met them backstage at the Tower Theater in Houston. I got Paul's autograph at Tower Records on the Drag in Austin. We were young, the music was loud and the beer was cold.

Life moved on and I thought I'd never see them play again. Yet lo and behold, Paul and Tommy reunite in 2014 to play some music fests. Shaky Knees in Atlanta wasn't too far away. Turns out my brand new friend Kerrie was a huge fan. "We should go" we say. So we did. Barely knowing each other but who cares. Lord Huron & Portugal The Man are playing on the stage that will host The Replacements that night. A 20ish girl tells me she likes my sandals (yay!) and a 20ish guy calls me "mam" (boo!). The younger crowd makes a mass exodus for the Modest Mouse stage. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a sea of other eager 40+ year-old Replacements fans drinking Dos Equis and waiting in the pouring rain. I was giddy beyond belief. They finally take the stage and I felt like 22-year old Megan without a care in the world. It fucking ruled.

I saw them again a few months later at ACL Fest with my sister Meredith. Same formula: blaring tunes, cold brews and good company. After all these years I'm still in love with all of it: the music, the band, the camaraderie, the energy, the sweat, the experience, the nostalgia, the euphoria. Currently The Replacements are touring actual music clubs (so much better than festivals) and I long to see them live one last time. Fingers crossed.