Laura D.
"The program is so logical and simple with the eating plan and daily exercise all spelled out for this single mother of two. I’ve never felt so healthy, felt so upbeat or slept so well. Every facet of my life improved."


Heather H.
"Megan has taught me how to implement this plan that works, so I am beyond motivated to keep going. We post daily in our group so it keeps us motivated and accountable."


Traci A.
"She'll help you to improve in all aspects of your life, not just in terms of your health. I call her approach "workouts and wisdom,” she provides you with tools to address whatever you believe is preventing you from looking, feeling, and being your best."


Kelley H.
"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Megan's boot camp.  I dropped a dress size.  I slept better.   My energy level and mood improved dramatically. Megan provided the motivation I needed without being judgy or sappy."


Tammy G.
"This was the first time I had joined an internet/Facebook group focused on fitness and I was highly skeptical. What I can tell you is that I was SOOOOO wrong and I have been so blessed by connecting with some fabulous, kick-ass women!"


Monica K.
"Our group gave me the perfect place to be vulnerable, encourage and be encouraged by others, laugh and celebrate successes and "bounce backs". I am now much more mindful of what I eat, and I am active & find myself more energetic than I have been in years."


Jodie W.
"Daily motivation & support from Megan along with the other members is the accountability I need & want on a daily basis. I'm loving this program!"